Jesus came into our world

This is what I think about Christmas. On this day Jesus came into our world, to change the world and make it better. When you think about it, Jesus’s life was very hard. In Islam we believe that people insulted his mother and we do not have stories about Joseph, so we believe he had no father.

In Islam Jesus is a holy person. There is a big chapter about him and his mother Mary in the Qur’an, the Muslim holy book. Muslims believe that at the end of the world it will be Jesus who comes back, and not the prophet Mohammed (pbuh).
On Christmas day we will be happy for every Christian person, and we can not forget when Christians are happy for us on Eid.
Jesus and Mohammed came to this world to teach humans how to live, and how to use the heart to receive and give love. We can’t live without it.
I am also happy about Christmas day because it is my birthday. Merry Christmas everyone!
Abdulrahman Altuwayjri
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