Short Reflections on being a Muslim in Britain


How do you feel media depicts Muslim and Islam and how does this affect you?*

I consider that the media have created a caricature of Muslims. They managed to make non-Muslim and even some Muslims believe that Muslims form a single community made of veiled women and bearded men holding similar views on everything from interpretation of their scripture to current affairs. In doing so they prevent Muslims who do not match certain criteria of their caricature to be accepted as Muslim, true Muslim. Thus some person do not hesitate to tell me after discovering I am a Muslim “ it is obvious that you are not a practicing Muslim” or to declare that my views on some topics are not those of Muslims because they do not correspond to the one attributed to Muslim in the media .

For these reasons to watch the video “Happy British Muslims” was a breeze of fresh air: for once British Muslims appeared, as they are, diverse.

What are the best aspects of being Muslim in Britain Today?

My sister sent me a text message earlier this year to let me know she had seen a woman wearing headscarf working in a clothes shop in heart of Paris. That was such news (I am French), it marked a sign of progress.

How extraordinary it was, when I arrived in London to discover women wearing headscarf in town hall, airports or shopping centre. I felt it was not only acceptable, but also normal to be Muslim:  it does not seem a big deal to have Muslim MPs in Britain.

Besides, I felt free to be Muslim: free because of facilities available in some work places to perform daily prayers, I can attend diverse religious lectures and activities in location shared with non-Muslim such as universities.

Being Muslim here in Britain is a chance to learn even more about my faith due to resources, courses, lecturers of qualities available.

Fatima Adamou
Volunteer, Christian Muslim Forum
* The Guardian What is it like to be a Muslim in Britain today?

{We would be very happy to share other reflections from Muslims, and Christians, Ed.}


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