Come to the Edge Prayers, Bradford


Women’s Muslim-Christian event, November 22nd 2012 – Kala Sangam, Bradford

Prayer Weaving Prayers

  • Women of faith
  • Unity and Tolerance
  • World Peace, End Poverty, Love and Faiths
  • God loves me, God loves you, May we all love another
  • Oh my Lord, show me the facts of things
  • God is love – God is love
  • Be straight in your speech
  • Everyone is created equally by Allah
  • Each to reveal their unique creative life
  • Heaven, health.... injustice
  • Come to faith
  • Allah is the greatest – the one and only
  • Peace in Bradford
  • Allah bring peace to humanity
  • Oh Allah increase my knowledge
  • God is one without any partner
  • To achieve what others don’t, you have to do what others don’t
  • If you truly care for somebody pray for each other
  • Love for all hatred for none
  • Isn’t God sufficient for his servants?
  • Understanding and empowerment
  • God be my strength
  • God created us different so that we may get to know each other
  • I pray for the women of Palestine and Israel – for Peace
  • Assalamoalikum – Peace be upon you
  • Paradise lies under the feet of mothers
  • There is no compulsion in Religion (Quran)
  • Love for all, hatred for none



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