A Rose for Friendship Photography Exhibition


A Rose for Friendship

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'A Rose for Friendship' is a beautiful collection of poignant and inspiring photographs. The exhibition urges us to reflect on our faith, our fears and our friendships.

The concept came about after the first launch of The Edge Report in Leicester during Inter Faith Week in 2012. It was inspired by the Christian Muslim Forum's project worker Raheema Caratella: 

Rose for Friendship Exhibition

"I wanted to give each woman of faith a rose because for me a rose symbolises love, friendship and commitment. I have dyslexia and I am not a public speaker or great with words and the act of giving something pure and simple is much more powerful. Let's face it most women love flowers and the different colours and shapes of the roses we shared with women were graceful, resilient and beautiful just like all the women we met."

The concept was so warmly received by women that we continued the tradition and over 300 roses were shared across 5 cities in the UK in 2011. The act of accepting a "Rose" came to symbolise other values such as "peace," "courage," and "change". It also opened up important discussions about the mistreatment and exploitation of women around the world and our role on the planet.

Exhibition was launched at our event The Edge: Faith, Fear & Friendship, organised during the World Interfaith Harmony Week.


Maria Reaney, Birmingham

Saima Zaheer, Bradford


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