Making & sharing a pledge


Attendees were given a pledge sheet, asking them what their pledge is and who they will share it with:

Today's event is a milestone for us, and for all of you who have attended. It completes our year's journey since since 'Come to the Edge' last March and the second year of our Near Neighbours programme. We have been very encouraged by the success of 'Come to the Edge', that success has been down to you and that is why we have given out awards today, we could easily have given many more!

We would like to encourage you to increase the impact of 'Come to the Edge' and Near Neighbours, not by a donation (though that is always welcome!) , but by making a pledge. Please write down here one new thing that you will do following today's event, e.g. meet up with someone of another faith, give a talk to a group of friends and neighbours of your experience here, apply for a Near Neighbours grant, explore what Christian and Muslim women could do together in your neighbourhood.

Some of the pledges made by the attendees at the event:


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  • My pledge is to learn about halal food, so that I will be able to offer hospitality to someone of Muslim faith without risk of offending them or putting them in an awkward position about accepting it. I would like to share my pledge with Wahida.  
  • My pledge is to make contact with Hindu community in Church centre + take group to visit local synagogue
  • My pledge is to keep in touch with those I met today 
  • My pledge is to meet and recognize more women groups from various faiths
  • My pledge is to do something in Bristol! I would like to share my pledge with Julian
  • My pledge is to go on trying to improve media representation of Muslims / sharing events with Muslim institutes and deeper involvement with them as a fellow.
  • My pledge is to talk to people to get them to write new material for the FRYP website
  • My pledge is to take part in the Interfaith Spring Festival 17/3/13 at the London Inter Faith Centre
  • My pledge is to arrange to meet Muslim, Jewish and Christian teachers to work together in a positive way in the next 3 months.

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