The Edge report launch in Bradford


Prayers Weaving BradfordDespite the miserable weather and some logistical issues the launch ran smoothly with the workshops being received really well. By the end of the evening there was a real buzz in the air of ‘what next?’ with women looking forward to engaging with others in the not so distant future. Themes explored included the other, ‘Conversations for the Soul’, private versus public space and the impact of global events on a local scale.

Entertainment on the evening was in the form of local ladies singing, a band, wonderful prayer weaving boards and not to forget the zumba. The vegetarian cuisine was enjoyed and desserts were bought in by participants.

I left the event feeling elated by the inspirational individuals I met who all want to bring about collective positive change in our neighbourhoods. Since then we are exploring how to take things forward.

Written by Saima Nazir


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