Weekly Inter Faith News, 3 July 2013


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General News

Computer mouse inventor Doug Engelbart dies age 88. First mouse in the 1960s was a wooden shell covering metal wheels.

In America two cancer patients are free of HIV after bone marrow transplants. The New York Times looks at the consequences.


Christian News

Pope Francis will release his first encyclical this Friday and then visit African and Middle Eastern migrants on the island of Sicily.

White House rejects calls to give the Westboro Baptist Church hate group status.


Muslim News

Young Muslim musicians express faith through contemporary music. Mo Sabri's I believe in Jesus viewed more than a million times on YouTube.

Ramadan is approaching. A guest columnist explains its importance in Augusta's local newspaper.

Life between the Rock and the Hard Place, a Nottingham story


Inter faith news

Graduates of the UK Three Faith Forum's ParliaMentors programme talk to the Jerusalem Post about their experiences.

Muslim Inter faith activist stands for political office in New York.


Christian Muslim Forum News and Events

‘Racists scrawl swastikas on £2.5m mosque’

Meeting in Goodwood, today in Leicester


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This week's stories gathered by Claire George, media volunteer


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