Weekly Inter Faith News, 19 December 2013


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World News

Look at those happy feet! Penguins huddle to stay warm.

Star of wonder. Research into different wavelengths of light on the Sun results in stunning video.

New Zealand's national bird, the Kiwi, may have an Aussie ancestor.

Christian News

Good Morning America go to the Vatican, where Pope Francis urges the faithful to serve the poor.

In a poll designed to get the British public thinking about Christmas, Yorkshire is voted as a modern alternative to Bethlehem.

A campaign from Christmas Starts asks, does Christmas have to start with a payday loan?

Muslim News

Muslim Council of Britain releases card designed to reassure public that Muslims do not want to ban Christmas. Huffington Post describes the necessity of the move as "depressing."

Manchester Muslims to feed the needy this Christmas.

Yusuf Islam is to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Inter faith News

Pope Francis speaks of his respect for Islam and meets with the Secretary General of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

San Francisco couple celebrate their Christian and Jewish heritage with a unique inter faith greetings card.

Jews and Muslims come together to make Christmas Day a day of service to the poor.

Forum News and Events

‘Christians, Muslims and Jesus’


Encouragement or Discouragement, Qu'ranic reflections on Christian-Muslim relations

Lunchtime Dialogue, 14 January, Whitechapel, London

A Conversation about Conflict, 20 January, London

Christians, Muslims & Jesus, 30 January, Blackburn

A Common Word - Perceptions of each other, 8 February, London

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+1 #1 Julian Bond 2013-12-19 09:16
My favourite stories this week

'Banning Christmas' (not!)
Manchester Muslims serving curry on Boxing Day
Mona Siddiqui's book 'Christians, Muslims & Jesus'
Encouragement or Discouragement - the Qur'an and inter faith

and our New Year events!

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