Happy Christmas!


Representatives of Mahfil Ali, Muslim Council of Britain, Al-Khoei Foundation and MINAB giving greetings to clergy at St Paul's Cathedral

In 2011 we published Christmas reflections from Muslims in our blog, you can read them here, and it felt like new ground, though we didn't have too far to look for stories. Fast forward two years and we have two Christmas initiatives from the Muslim community:


Keep Calm it’s Christmas

We have been very pleased to work with Muslim partners in promoting both of these initiatives.

We reflected in the summer how Ramadan was becoming more mainstream in the UK and now engaging with Christmas has become mainstream for British Muslims. Though, as the MINAB statement tells us, Muslims wishing Christian friends ‘Happy Christmas’ has a long pedigree.

Rewind to 2006 and we were issuing encouragement to secular organisations to continue to recognise Christmas, supported by a call to reclaim Christmas by our colleague Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra and published then by the Muslim Council of Britain, as well as ourselves.

Rejoicing at each other’s festivals has become a principle for us, and for a range of faith organisations, adding to the joy that others are sharing.

So we wish you a Happy Christmas and a blessed New Year. We give thanks for all who are supporting the poor and needy at this time of year and look forward to the best of our faiths, and humanity, making an increasingly positive impact on our society in the coming months.

Many people share their generosity with charitable organisations at this time of year. We thank you for your support this year, please support us with a donation now to help us continue our work in 2014.

Julian Bond
On behalf of the members, staff and volunteers of the Christian Muslim Forum

Other Christmas reflections

Celebrating Christmas Confidently, (2010)

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