“Hidden Heart”


“Hidden Heart” is a ground-breaking documentary by Zara Afzal and Christopher Hird, which I am the Executive Producer of.  It offers a nuanced and sensitive portrayal of the backlash that heritage Muslim women often face when marrying outside their ethnic communities.  Will he convert or won’t he?  Even if he does convert, to what extent is it a real conversion?  Won’t someone think of the children?  Family politics starts to show some of its uglier incarnations (Asma Barlas acknowledges in Believing Women in Islam: Unreading Patriarchal Interpretations of the Qu’ran, that marriage in Islam is “located at the juncture of the private [individual] and the public [communal], the religious and the social”).

Of course, the taboo attached to inter-racial marriage within British Muslim communities is nowhere near as severe as that attached to inter-religious marriage or gay marriage.  However, intersectional discrimination is often an issue, particularly when it comes to male partners of heritage Muslim women (both those who convert to Islam and those who do not).  

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Tehmina Kazi


British Muslims for Secular Democracy 


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