Paris Attacks: vigil and statement


The Christian Muslim Forum is shocked and deeply saddened to hear news of the attacks and loss of life in Paris last night.

Our heartfelt sympathy is with those who have lost loved ones in this latest act of terrorism. We pray for those who have been murdered and injured.  No actions justify murder and atrocity and we are appalled by this callous act of hatred and inhumanity.

Both of our traditions stand completely against this, urging those who will listen and follow the messages of Christianity and Islam not to kill. Very sadly there has been much killing by those who mistakenly use religion to excuse hateful and murderous actions. We stand together in solidarity, condemning any and all so-called religious violence.

Members of the Christian Muslim Forum will keep a silent vigil at Trafalgar Square, London, this evening at 6.30pm – 7.30pm, to remember those who died and were injured in the Paris attacks, their friends and families, and all victims of terrorism.

The Trustees of the Christian Muslim Forum



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