A Muslim & a Christian went into a café . .


A Muslim and a Christian went into a café … and started talking. 

Following on from the launch of the Forum's Church Mosque Twinning Project last November, our Church Mosque Twins have started to meet and talk.

The aim is simply to support and develop good relationships between local Christian and Muslim leaders - and then to see where that leads.

Already the new partnerships are bearing fruit - joint training in delivering school assemblies, a church helping a mosque to collect food aid for Syria, a Muslim women’s centre exploring how they can work with a church to support mothers and babies, a mosque looking to work with a church to provide a local homework space and there are plenty more ideas flowing.

It is great to hear about these joint activities but in some ways simply meeting for a coffee occasionally could be one of the most effective ways for leaders in Churches and Mosques to become the good neighbours our faiths challenge us to be.




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