#VisitMyMosque Sunday 5 February


Find out if your local Islamic centre is taking part in #VisitMyMosque Day on Sunday 5 February.  Check the map and listings.

Mosques across the country are opening their doors to the public and offering invitations to guests from different religious traditions and world views.

It's a good opportunity to get to know each other or to firm up friendships, for local Muslims to offer hospitality to their neighbours and for Christians to take some friends or a group from church to visit during the afternoon.  A return visit can be arranged to a local church.  Sometimes there will be a tour of the building and an opportunity to ask questions, sometimes it's an informal cup of tea and a chat.  If possible, contact the mosque in advance to find out about the open day.  Sometimes visitors are asked to remove their shoes if the prayer area is part of the tour.

The #VisitMyMosque information is being updated daily (each mosque is responsible for its own arrangements) and is facilitated by the Muslim Council of Britain.


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