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Triple First for Forum!

The first week of Spring was the impetus for three events organised by the Christian Muslim Forum which took us from Lambeth Palace to Oxford via Brixton.

Scholars Dialogue

We began the week with a seminar kindly hosted by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Christian and Muslim scholars looked at whether dialogue can really deal with differences without avoidance or compromise. Is it critical for a society of many faiths, a waste of time, or impossible for those who are committed to their own faith? The key speakers were the Archbishop of Canterbury and Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad of Cambridge University. The Archbishop asked whether in dialogue questions are being asked that we wouldn’t have thought of asking ourselves. He went on to say that, ‘Every human face is worth attending to, every human voice is worth hearing … how much more so when we see another human face and hear another human voice turned towards God?’ He described really listening to each other as ‘dialogue at its best’.  Dialogue can be a ‘God given means of discovery’, we can ‘start questioning our own questions’. He said that it is not easy to find a space that we can inhabit together. This last observation inspired us for the rest of the week.

We are currently working on a fuller version of this event and on publication of the speeches and discussion.

Bread and Soup in Brixton

Inspired by Christian Aid’s ‘Super Soup’ Lent campaign we held our first local event in London to meet with our neighbours, learn about Christian-Muslim relationships and find out how the Forum could be useful. Donations from the day are being divided equally between Christian Aid and its partner Islamic Relief, they have been working together for a number of years to enable them to better provide aid and support to all those who need it. Before the food we opened with the inspiring film ‘The Imam and the Pastor’, a story of inter faith violence and reconciliation from Nigeria. After delicious Eritrean food, we were excited to learn of a number of South London initiatives: ‘Faithful Friends’ (a continuing group of those who have taken the Understanding Islam course), ‘Conversations of the Soul’ and South London Citizens, bringing together Christians, Muslims and people of other faiths . A range of people – Christian, Muslim and Buddhist – were interested in building better local relationships and friendships, especially between young people. There was much interest in being part of an ongoing initiative and in the Christian Muslim Forum’s Mosque-Church Twinning project.

Family Matters

The picture was even more mixed in Oxford where a number of people who joined us for lunch and conversation were in mixed faith marriages. There was a real bustle as people queued up for lunch at our first Oxford event. Inspired by our 2008 family conference, led by our Family specialists – Humera Khan and Heather al-Yousuf – we broke into smaller groups to explore:

  • Faith and mental health
  • Faith and caring for the elderly, the vulnerable, and the lonely
  • Bridging the generations
  • Faith: “too hot to handle”, divisive or a reminder of what we share?
  • Faith, fear and stereotypes
  • Oxford connections – local resources, local action

Some of the interesting discussions were around:

  • Polygamy and living together outside marriage
  • Does religion help or hinder mental illness?
  • Being more aware of young people’s needs
  • The importance of breaking stereotypes
  • Talking about dying and the role of carers
  • How can we extend our neighbourliness?

Our concluding reflections highlighted the ‘happy blend of friendship and issues’ and how together we should find ways of developing and exploring both.
Comments from Oxford friends:

  • Very open, sincere and hopeful environment
  • I enjoyed it a lot – loved the stimulus of meeting new people and focusing on ‘issues’
  • A very rare opportunity to listen to people who clearly break the mould of stereotypes

We look forward to developing all three of these initiatives both nationally and locally. Thanks to everyone who took part and supported us during the week.

Next Event

Our next event, in London, is on Saturday 17 April 2010 at the Loughborough Community Centre in Brixton. Dr Chris Hewer will be leading a study day on ‘Understanding Islam’. We hope to run an Understanding Christianity course soon. Please get in touch if you would like to attend, or get involved in any other way, or if you would like to support our work with a donation.

Julian Bond

A Tribute to Shaykh Tantawi

The Christian Muslim Forum is deeply saddened by the passing of Sheikh Mohammed Sayyid Tantawi, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Mosque and Head of Al-Azhar University. We express our condolences to the people of Egypt and Muslims all over the world. His wise leadership will be missed by all who work to create a better understanding between the peoples of the world.

It was at a dinner in honour of the Sheikh in 1997 that former Archbishop Carey publicly stated, ‘It has long been my opinion that, for the sake of the health of this country in the next century and beyond, we need to find ways in which members of our two communities can meet regularly together in a more structured way than has been possible up to now.

It is because the issues facing us are so pressing that I am convinced of the need to establish a fuller bilateral dialogue between the Christians and Muslims around the country. … And here, if I may Your Excellency, I would like to enlist your support and that of those gathered here tonight.  Between us we represent a wide cross-section of leadership within our communities.  I would value the views of all my guests and your views in particular how this might best be done.’

This public appeal and the shared Christian-Muslim work that followed led to the creation of the Christian Muslim Forum.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has sent a letter of condolence to the Grand Mufti of Egypt.

Condolences from the World Council of Churches

“Indeed to God we belong and indeed to Him we return.” May he rest in peace.
Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra and Julian Bond

Anti-Terrorism Fatwa

The Presidents of the Christian Muslim Forum welcome the main message of Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri’s fatwa (Islamic ruling by a jurist) and wider explanation on ‘suicide bombings and terrorism’ which was presented in London on 2 March. His fatwa and accompanied exposition is an absolute condemnation of terrorism which he describes as forbidden by Islam and those who perpetrate such acts as ‘heroes of hellfire’ rather than ‘heroes of Islam’. We reiterate the long-standing viewpoint of the vast majority of Muslims that the Qur’an and Hadiths are replete with evidence that acts of terrorism cannot be justified Islamically.

We support his call for religious leaders to stand up against claims that violence and terrorism can be religiously justified and to highlight the fact that suicide bombings are an expression of a deviant ideology, and not true Islamic theology. We also appreciate his call for dialogue with those who attempt to justify violence and terrorism. We pray for the success of Dr Qadri’s initiative. His fatwa will become accessible to all in the next few months when it becomes available in English.

We also pray for the triumph of true Islamic teachings over the violent ideologies of groups such as al-Qaeda, who tarnish the reputation and image of Islam.

Climate Change news from Nigeria

Amy Russell is one of the members of the Christian Muslim Youth Forum for Climate Change (CMYF), a joint initiative of the Christian Muslim Forum and MADE in Europe. She attended and spoke at the recent Climate Change conference in Nigeria.

Read Amy’s speechreport and her blog.

Amy’s place at the conference was generously provided by the British Council, read the British Council’s report of the event here.

Our latest Climate Change event – 8 March 2010, Women’s Faith Walkabout.

Other news on our main news page, there are still places left at this event “Being a Faith School“.

Climate Change Timeline

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