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Sharing iftar together

We’ll be adding to this list in the coming days (share details if you know of others), but here’s a start.

Find your local iftars and similar gatherings over the coming weeks.  We have been supporting Presence & Engagment in producing some helpful guidelines for churches & cathedrals thinking of hosting an iftar.

Open Iftar: in Tavistock Square Gardens, London, for the first 23 nights of Ramadan, and in many other cities across the country during the holy month.  For the last few nights, Open Iftar will take place in landmark locations in London.

Big Iftar: notice of Big Iftar events are often posted on their Facebook page.

7 May Newcastle Open Iftar

7 May Edinburgh Iftar Dinner Potluck

7 May Reading ISoc

8 May Birmingham Open Iftar

10 May Cardiff Potluck Iftar

11 May Batley The Batley Iftar

11 May London Fly to Allah

11 May Leicester Open Iftar

11 May Birmingham Unity Iftar

12 May Newcastle Annual Unity & Peace Iftar

12 May London  City Circle & St James’s Piccadilly

13 May Manchester Open Iftar

14 May London Community Iftar

14 May Oldham Share Ramadan

15 May London Interfaith Iftar

17 May Luton The Big Iftar

17 May London Inclusive Iftar

17 May London Restless Beings’ Women’s Iftar

18 May Liverpool Taste Ramadan

18 May Birmingham Iftar at the Cave

18 May St Albans Big Iftar

18 May London Interfaith Iftar

19 May Sheffield Open Iftar

22 May Bradford Open Iftar

25 May London Interfaith Iftar

26 May Didcot Share Ramadan

30 May London Inclusive Iftar

2 June Birmingham Taste Ramadan

WOMEN of faith gathering in Birmingham

Christian and Muslim together in the Springfield Centre

On 8th March around 60 Christian and Muslim women came together in the Springfield Centre, Birmingham, to celebrate International Women’s Day. The aim for the event was to form and build relationships as well as deepen understanding between women of the two faiths. The aspect of faith created a great interest in the event and, if the venue had been bigger we would have had many more women assembled! The evening started with refreshments, allowing the guests time to view a display representing Christian and Muslim faith and culture, created specifically for the evening.



This was very well received and created much conversation which greatly aided the mingling process.  The speakers Rehanah Sadiq and Pauline Anderson then set the tone for the rest of the evening by sharing personally and passionately about their faith. Rehanah, a hospital chaplain, spoke about her experience growing up in Sheffield in the 1980’s. She shared her personal story of exploring her Muslim identity and discovering God in prayer. Pauline, a counsellor and consultant, testified of a living and personal God who helped her through many difficulties in life and who inspires her to work as a Christian for the community.
Discussions continued in small groups as participants shared more about their own faith and life experiences.




Even at the end of the event many women stayed behind, still enjoying the atmosphere and conversing with each other, confirming it was indeed an inspirational and enjoyable evening. When asked to describe the evening some key words participants used were respect, understanding, sharing, laughter and friendship. Many expressed the hope that more meetings like this would follow, exploring topics such as:
Family values, Understanding teachings of Bible/Quran, sharing life/faith experiences, testimonies/personal stories and helping the community.
The grant given by the Christian Muslim forum helped to make it a special evening.