An Inclusive Christmas

With the approach of Christmas this year, as the Christian Muslim Forum, we wanted to celebrate the way Christians and Muslims come together at this time of year and how traditions associated with the Christian festival have been adapted by other faith communities in this country. We have produced a short booklet, An Inclusive Christmas, […]

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Let’s move forward into a bright new year with deep conviction in our beliefs, multiple identities, diversity and optimism.

Muslims & Christians welcome refugees

Mosques in North-East London with Churches and Christian groups are working together to sponsor a Syrian refugee family who arrived this summer to start their new life in the UK. The Redbridge Community Sponsorship project – a partnership between South Woodford Mosque, Balfour Road Mosque, Ilford Methodist Church, Ilford Salvation Army, St. Thomas of Canterbury […]

Al-Andalus: the Legacy

Al-Andalus was the 800-year period of Muslim rule in Spain, ending in 1492. BBC Radio 3 included a reflection by Andrew Hussey during a day of programmes exploring the music and culture of Al-Andalus. He journeys through Spain searching for its legacy today in politics, art and architecture. “Professor Andrew Hussey is an expert on […]

A perfect way of discovering the causes that you are truly passionate about

“For me, volunteering extends beyond developing practical and social skills. It is a perfect way of discovering the causes that you are truly passionate about. It is a platform to educate yourself on the many issues surrounding the world, and on the ways to create change whether it be large or small. Lastly, it is […]

Times journalist speaks about Christian-Muslim fostering story

“In August 2017, The Times published a piece with the headline ‘Christian child forced into Muslim foster care’. The story was front-page news the next day as well – and the next – but was it right?” BBC Corrections In an extended programme, the BBC’s Corrections series has looked at how three front page stories […]

Discovering Sacred Texts

Take a look at the British Library’s new online resource, Discovering Sacred Texts, featuring books and manuscripts from the Library’s collection as well as videos and teaching resources.

Islamic New Year 1441

Wishing a happy, healthy, prosperous and fulfilling Islamic new year to all Muslims around the world.

Centre for Media Monitoring

The Centre for Media Monitoring was launched on Tuesday. Its purpose is to promote fair and responsible reporting of Muslims and Islam.

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Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan Mubarak from all of us here at the Christian Muslim Forum.

Easter 2019

As Christians here in the UK & across the world celebrate Easter, we pray that the message of hope and joy will bring blessings to all as together we reject violence, hatred and division.

Christchurch Attacks

An act of grief and solidarity in the immediate aftermath of the horrific terror attacks on mosques in New Zealand.