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Archbishop hosts encounter between local Christians and Muslims

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, hosted an event at Lambeth Palace which brought together 50 imams and clergy from 25 local areas to encourage and strengthen local interfaith relationships.

The Revd Mark Fisher, Andrew Stunell MP, Bishop Richard Cheetham, The Archbishop of Canterbury and Maulana Shahid Raza

The event was supported by Mr Andrew Stunell, Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Department of Communities and Local Government who spoke to the participants:

“Across the country, Christians and Muslims are making huge contributions to their communities in countless churches and mosques, charities and community groups. But, because they are often working towards similar goals, there is great potential for them to collaborate more.

“That is what this conference is about – challenging ignorance and building effective, friendly working relationships, not only between clergy and imams but also between their congregations. Inter faith activity is an important component of the Big Society we want to build, in which people work together for the common good and to tackle shared problems.”

The programme sought to celebrate and publicise the fruitful work done by these local dialogue groups, which are run by both mosques and churches in the local areas as well as in prison and hospital chaplaincies.

One example of the practical outworking of this is the Springfield Centre in Birmingham, a children’s centre that serves both mosque and parish church, as well as the rest of the community. The centre provides holistic support for children’s development and support to families with young children, as well as helping to foster local interfaith engagement.

The event, organised by the Christian Muslim Forum, provided an opportunity for many men and women from local churches and mosques to share their experiences of working with each other, and explore areas where they can work together locally on issues of shared concern.

The Christian Muslim Forum has brought together over 200 local leaders of both faiths since 2006 and will run the event in partnership with the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board (MINAB) and Churches Together in England (CTE). Participants have drafted a letter to go out to churches and mosques, encouraging leadership and congregations to meet and learn from each other.

Climate Change hotting up

Young British Muslims and Christians hand over climate change statement to Parliamentary Under Secretary of State David Kidney MP.

In the lead up to the all important UN Climate Change Summit which will begin in Copenhagen on 7 December 2009, representatives of the Christian-Muslim Youth Forum on Climate Change (CMYF) handed over their statement on climate change to the Under Secretary of State for the Department of Energy & Climate Change, David Kidney MP.

The CMYF was created by the Christian-Muslim Forum and MADE in Europe to give young people a voice in the climate change debate.  On 15 October 2009, 30 young Christians and Muslims met at Lambeth Palace and, hosted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, developed a statement on climate change. The statement has been supported by nearly 760 individuals from across the UK and internationally and endorsed by many faith and community organisations including Three Faiths Forum, Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS), WasteWatch and Eco-Chip.

At the statement handover event on 1 December 2009, David Kidney MP applauded the initiative taken by the CMYF to put pressure on the Government to play a leading role in Copenhagen. He noted that faith communities throughout history have often taken the lead in tackling global issues and urged the young people to continue to raise awareness in their communities and to lobby the government.

Representatives of the CMYF will be travelling to Copenhagen with MADE in Europe where they will join campaigners from many other countries and demonstrate to the world’s leaders that people from diverse backgrounds have come together on this issue to demand justice.

Christian-Muslim Youth Forum on Climate Change (CMYF) has been set up by MADE IN Europe and the Christian Muslim Forum to give young British Muslims and Christians an opportunity to inform the climate change agenda in the run up to the UN Summit in Copenhagen, which will take place in December 7-18th 2009.

The Wave

Don’t forget The Wave on Saturday 5 December.

Our partner

We are pleased to be working with MADE in Europe (Muslim Agency for Development & Enterprise), an innovative UK-based organisation working to tackle global poverty. Made in Europe’s mission is to inspire and enable a grassroots European Muslim youth movement of faith in action for tackling global poverty, injustice and inequality through activities such as volunteering, campaigning and fundraising.  MADE in Europe also provides capacity building services for Muslim NGOs and support for cross-faith initiatives in international development.

Sarah Atkinson, MADE and Julian Bond, Christian Muslim Forum