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Good News for Eid

Giving Thanks at the end of Ramadhan

Eid, the feast at the end of Ramadhan, the Muslim month of fasting is a day of good news, the fast has been completed, a month of repentance has come to its conclusion, the whole of the Qur’an has been recited and the feast begins. It is often said that Eid is the Muslim equivalent of Christmas.
This Eid, 10 September 2010, the day before the 9th anniversary of 9/11 is a day of good news for another reason. Like many people travelling to work this morning I picked up the Metro (free UK newspaper) and read ‘Pastor cancels Koran bonfire after protests’. An answer to prayer just as I was preparing to load our statement about this onto the Christian Muslim Forum website. BBC news report.
Eid Mubarak!
Extracts from recent statements:
‘We fully endorse the Archbishop of Canterbury’s insistence that there is no place in our traditions for violent response.  The work of building up good understanding between Christians and Muslims remains as vital as ever.’  The Rt Revd Dr Richard Cheetham, Imam Dr Musharraf Hussain, OBE, DL, Co-Chairs, Christian Muslim Forum
The Archbishop of Canterbury, ‘At the present time our religious communities face many challenges and many provocations. In this country there are those who speak maliciously about religion in general and often against Islam in particular; demonstrations in many of our cities are intended to provoke; and in other parts of the world the threat to desecrate scriptures is deeply deplorable and to be strongly condemned by all people. These are challenges that we must respond to with a consistent message: that we oppose collectively all such provocations and insist that there is no place in our traditions for violent response. In solidarity with each other we will resist all attempts to induce violence by a constant message of peacefulness and reconciliation.’
Revd. Canon John Hall, Director of the St Philip’s Centre Leicester said, ‘The plan to burn the Holy Qur’an is a violation of our interfaith principles. As a Christian who is deeply involved in interfaith, I condemn this deplorable act. Christians and Muslims have a very strong joint track record of living and working together. Our scriptures share much in common.
Suleman Nagdi MBE DL of the Leicester Federation of Muslim Organisations added, ‘The burning of any religious scripture is a degrading act which all of us must speak out against. I have worked with Christians for a very long time and I know that they are very angry with this stunt. As Muslims it is part of our faith that we revere and respect all holy scriptures particularly the Torah, Psalms of David and the Hebrew Bible. I urge Muslims to act in the spirit of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and to show their disapproval through peaceful means. We can do this by continuing to work alongside our Christian cousins so that collectively we can overcome bigotry and prejudice.’
On behalf of the Christian Muslim Forum I hope that those who have held a copy of the Qur’an recently will take the time to learn more about Islam and find out that it does not condone terrorism, suicide bombing and enmity with people of other faiths.
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Julian Bond
Christian Muslim Forum

Bradford Women for Peace Protest 28 August 2010

Bradford Women for Peace was set up in August 2010 in the lead up to the proposed EDL march in Bradford.  Following confirmation that the English Defence League will be holding a static protest in Bradford,  women from across the city have come together to send a clear message of peace.

Wahida Shaffi, spokesperson for Bradford Women for Peace (and a founder member of the Christian Muslim Forum) believes the initiative is unique as it draws together women from across Bradford’s diverse communities who have expressed a genuine desire to stand together in solidarity and support.

“The EDL are calling the Bradford demonstration “The Big One” and the fact that they are coming to our city during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan with a clear view to cause trouble is a calculated attempt on their part to inflame racial and religious tensions in our city.  As mothers, sisters, daughters, partners and wives we want to send the clearest message to the EDL that we will not allow a far-right extremist organisation intent on fanning the flames of racial and religious intolerance to create a breach between Bradfordians. By coming together and bridging our age, racial, religious and cultural differences we want to send out a positive message of peace and unity that is an antidote to the EDL message of hate.”

Bradford Women for Peace are organizing a series of events in the run-up to the EDL event. On Friday, the 27th of August, they will be in the city centre distributing peace ribbons and inviting women to join them in spreading the message across the city.  Accordingto Liz Firth, the group’s co-spokesperson, the women involved in the initiative have adopted the colour green to symbolize hope, renewal, nurturing and peace.

“By owning the colour green we are sending the strongest possible message to the EDL that we reject their anti-Islam message and that Muslims are an integral part of the Bradford community and we intend to stand alongside our Muslim sisters.”

In order to convey our message of non-violence, Bradford Women for Peace have organised an event called Voices for Peace. The group are inviting women from across Bradford to join them in creating a Web of Solidarity to highlight our essential connectedness with each other as part of the larger Bradford family. The EDL gathering threatens to undermine the resilience that the City has builtup since 2001. By bringing women together in solidarity the group wants to invest in a peaceful Bradford for the future.

Bradford Women for Peace will be meeting at Ivegate, (opposite Centenary Square) Bradford City Centre on Friday, 27th from 11 – 1pm and they are inviting women from across Bradford to join them in creating a web of solidarity and posting their messages of unity and solidarity on the Tree of Peace.

The BWFP will continue the theme of peace, unity and solidarity on Saturday 28th of August. For further information please contact Wahida Shaffi on 07983 646096 or Liz Firth on 07988 966097

Women are encouraged to wear a green item of clothing to express their support.

For Press and Media interviews and information contact: Wahida Shaffi 07983 646096 or Liz Firth on 07988 966097

Ramadan Mubarak 2009

The Muslim holy month of fasting – Ramadan – began on 22 August. The Christian Muslim Forum joins with many other Muslim, Christian and inter faith organisations in wishing our Muslim sisters and brothers a blessed Ramadan – Ramadan Mubarak – and God’s peace.

During Ramadan Muslims set aside time for increased devotion and drawing near to God as well as strengthening relationships with their neighbours. So for Christians Ramadan can be an opportunity to visit a mosque, spend more time with Muslim friends and colleagues and attend iftars (daily breaking of the fast). This kind of sharing creates opportunities later to invite Muslims to learn more about Christian devotions at key times of the year. Sharing and meeting together during Ramadan may also be a good start for thinking about what we may be able to do together during Inter Faith Week

Blasphemy law in Pakistan: open petition

Christians and Muslims around the world, as well as people of other faiths and those who do not adhere to any religion, will have been hearing with real concern, the news of the attacks on the Christian villages of Gojra and Qorian in Pakistan resulting in the deaths of at least seven innocent men, women and children. This was the latest in such attacks over many years and has attracted international condemnation from religious and political leadership in Pakistan and internationally.

One of the causes of such attacks is the ability of extremists and others with private motivations, to incite attacks on Christians and on occasion also on Muslims; and the inability of the police and local judiciary to protect innocent people. The blasphemy laws currently in force in Pakistan provide such people with the means to incite violence and seem to have played a part in the recent incidents which led to the death of a number of Christians.

Following widespread discussions with Christian partners and correspondents in Pakistan, Christian and Muslim organisations in the United Kingdom and with the Pakistan authorities, there is a desire amongst many people to express their concerns to the Government of Pakistan and to press for change in the blasphemy legislation and for the protection of Christians and others who are suffering from its abuse. To this end a petition is now available to be signed electronically and can be reached by clicking here and following the instructions.

The petition is signed by the Rt Revd Michael Jackson, who chairs the Anglican Communion Network for Inter Faith Concerns and by Dr Musharraf Hussain the Chair of the Christian Muslim Forum. This follows Dr Musharraf’s initial and those made by others. The Rt Revd David James, Bishop of Bradford, is the first petition signatory, it has also been signed by Rt Revd Dr Richard Cheetham, Vice-Chair of the Christian Muslim Forum.

The petition will be delivered to the Pakistan Government and is intended to assist in their efforts to prevent further attacks. The more people who sign, the more effective the petition will be.

It is by actions such as these that people of faith and of goodwill can show their active concern for the good of the world and in this case their support of the Christian community of Pakistan and of Muslims who are concerned to take action and are supporting their Christian neighbours

Julian Bond

Christian Muslim Forum