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Lord Bourne visits mosque

Lord Bourne, Minister for Faith, visits Church-Mosque Twinning Programme at Old Kent Road Mosque

Lord Bourne (third from right, standing) at Old Kent Road Mosque this afternoon, meeting those involved in involved in the longstanding links between the Mosque and local churches St Philip’s Camberwell and St Peter’s Walworth.

The Minister for Faith observed Friday Prayer at the Mosque and then joined Imam Kazeem Fatai, Saidat Oketunde and Ola Yusuff from the Mosque, Revd Anna Macham from St Philip’s Church and Revd Andrew Moughtin-Mumby from St Peter’s Church to learn more about how church-mosque twinning works.

Imam Kazeem and Siriol Davies, who leads the Church-Mosque Twinning Programme for CMF, convened the discussion.

The Ven Dr Jane Steen, Archdeacon of Southwark, Liz Carnelly, Programme Director for Near Neighbours, took part in the discussion.

Listen to the podcast of Imam Kazeem and Mtr Anna in conversation at St Philip’s Vicarage, recorded this week.

Download the booklet for pictures and information about these twinning partnerships.

Response to ‘Generation Jihad’

Faith Schools Seminar (Primary)

As the Muslim and Christian Presidents of the Christian Muslim Forum we deplore terrorism and violence, especially any which claims to be religiously justified (‘Chief Constable warns terror fight will take decades’ comments to BBC2′ ‘Generation Jihad’). We re-affirm that our scriptures and prophetic traditions themselves neither inspire nor support violence. Rather they call us to peace, bridge-building and being good neighbours with each other and discourage the waging of war. The roots of religiously justified terrorism and violence lie elsewhere, as many in the community and inter faith organizations have been saying for some years.

We were very disturbed and concerned that the image of a Muslim praying at a mosque was originally used to accompany the online report of this news item. This allows, or encourages, people to wrongly associate religious practice with violence and terrorism. We are pleased that the BBC has recognized that this was inappropriate and have now replaced it. We also ask the BBC, and other media, to avoid associating the mainstream Muslim community, and practice of Islam, with violence and terrorism and clearly identify these as criminal, not Islamic acts.

The Christian Muslim Forum, whose origins pre-date 7/7 and 9/11, exists to promote positive dialogue and better understanding between both faiths by challenging myths, misunderstandings and prejudice. We have contributed to improved public understanding and better relations between both communities through our statements on Religious Festivals, our Ethical Witness guidelines and our current Mosque-Church twinning and Campus Dialogue projects.’

Rt Revd Dr Richard Cheetham, Dr Musharraf Hussain OBE (Co-Chairs), Revd Esme Beswick MBE, Shaykh Abbas Ismail, Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra, Shaykh Haytham Tamim, Dr Nicholas Wood