Archbishop Justin and Professor Mona Siddiqui in conversation

The Archbishop of Canterbury invited the Christian Muslim Forum to Lambeth Palace to talk about Public Faith and the Challenge of the Spiritual Life. Professor Mona Siddiqui, Scholar-Consultant to CMF, talked with Archbishop Justin about the importance of prayer in their personal lives and in their respective faiths.

Guests of the Archbishop at Lambeth Palace

The Archbishop and Professor Siddiqui spoke about the value of Christians and Muslims meeting together.

‘Wonderful to discuss prayer with @monasiddiqui7 and @ChrisMusForum. As Professor Siddiqui puts it: “Prayer is really about what makes us human.”

My main take-away is the hunger for encounter with God that was common to everyone in the room.’

Archbishop Justin

The conversation widened to look at the role of faith in public life, with contributions from an invited audience.

‘I think we need more of this kind of exchange … when we are affected by something, we take that back to our families, our places of work, and that’s how change happens in society.’

Professor Siddiqui
Archbishop Justin, Professor Siddiqui and guests at Lambeth Palace

Dr Joshua Ralston, University of Edinburgh, offered some thoughts towards the end of the conversation.

Watch the video here and read through the programme for the day here.